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I was on a conference call with Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq) about his new business The Payer Player. Shaq says "I think this could be bigger than Google" its brand new and my team is RIGHT UNDER Shaq. We want you to join us. This is your chance to get in now and on top!!!



"It is too much ... viral ... we could not pass it" up.

Get your Payer Player by clicking the link.

The Payer Player

Hope you like! We are positioning in the forced matrix now.

It is clean, unique, innovative and with tremendous potential.

We get paid the 15th of each month.

Credit Cards ONLY. Less than $10 a month.

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Special thanks to "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work" & Tim G, Matt Rappaport, Lea Charlton and Ann.

Payer Player For Business

Believe it or not, The Payer Player is going to save your company on P2Mobile Communications and will help you extend your social media marketing efforts. Ask me how!

Shaq's Social Network?

As a member and supporter of this incredible new social network, Shaq does pop in to meet and play. For less than $10 a month, you can play and get paid with the Diesel.

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